HFM2003 : Poster Session 1


We-P1 F. Bert Dilution effects in volborthite S=1/2 frustrated magnet : a mu-SR and NMR study.
We-P2 P. Bordet InCuO2.5 and SrCuO2.5 : new oxidized copper delafossites with triangular lattices of Cu2+ cations.
We-P3 G. Busiello Non equilibrium dynamical correlation and response functions of a quantum glassy system uner external ac-field.
We-P4 J.-Y. P. Delannoy Magnetization in La2CuxZn1-xO4.
We-P5 J. C. Domenge Observation of a transient magnetization plateau in a quantum antiferromagnet on the kagomé lattice.
We-P6 S. Dommange Static impurities in the kagomé lattice : dimer freezing and mutual repulsion.
We-P7 F. Duc Low temperature superstructure and charge ordering effect in eta-Na1.286V2O5.
We-P8 M. Elhajal Spin-phonon coupling in small frustrated magnetic clusters.
We-P9 D. A. Ivanov Topological order in the rokhsar-kivelson dimer model on the triangular lattice.
We-P10 M. Kaburagi Magnetization process of an Ising type frustrated S=1 spin chain.
We-P11 F. Ladieu Relative influences of disorder and of frustration for glassy dynamics inmagnetic systems.
We-P12 P. Mendels mu-SR study of S=1/2 delafossites triangular based lattices.
We-P13 H. Mutka Spin freezing in SrCrxGa12-xO19 : divergence of the characteristic time-scale observed with neutron spin echo spectroscopy.
We-P14 T. Ono Magnetization plateaux of S=1/2 2D frustrated antiferromagnet Cs2CuBr4.
We-P15 C. Payen Spin correlations in the pyrochlore slab compounds Ba2Sn2Ga3+xZnCr7-xO22.
We-P16 D. Poilblanc Hole spectral functions in frustrated quantum magnets.
We-P17 J. Richter Exact eigenstates and macroscopic magnetization jumps in stongly frustrated spin lattices.
We-P18 V. Simonet Neutron investigation of them agnetic properties of oxygen doped Cu based delafossite compounds.
We-P19 A. V. Syromyatnikov Low-energy singlet dynamics of spin-1/2 kagomé heisenberg antiferromagnets and low-temperature features in specific heat of kagomé clusters.
We-P20 F. Vernay Investigation of the phase diagram of the spin-orbital model on the triangular lattice.
We-P21 D. Visser High resolution inelastic neutron scattering study of the kagomé spin-glass D3OFe3(SO4)2(OD)6.