HFM2003 : Poster Session 2


Fr-P22 J. D. M. Champion Calculating soft modes in a frustrated pyrochlore antiferromagnet.
Fr-P23 M. Enjalran The theoretical picture of the spin liquid state of Tb2Ti2O7 : a classical to quantum mechanic understanding.
Fr-P24 S. Fujimoto Geometrical-frustration-induced (semi-) metal to insulator transition.
Fr-P25 V. Hardy Specific heat and magnetization study on single crystals of a frustrated spin-chain oxide.
Fr-P26 L. P. LÚvy ESR study of the family R2Ti2O7 of pyrochlore antiferromagnets with a geometrically frustrated lattice : interplay between exchange and single-ion anisotropies.
Fr-P27 R. Higashinaka KagomÚ-ice state in the spin-ice compound Dy2Ti2O7.
Fr-P28 H. Kageyama New magnetic materials obtained by ion-exchange reactions from non-magnetic perovskites.
Fr-P29 F. N. E. Kaputkina Magnetic field influence on spectra and spin rearrangement of quantum dot molecule.
Fr-P30 C. Lacroix Spin waves in pyrochlores.
Fr-P31 N. Laflorencie Antiferromagnetism in doped coupled spin-peierls chains.
Fr-P32 J. Lago Low temperatures spin dynamics in the XY AFM pyrochlores Er2Ti2O7 and Er2Sn2O7 : a mu-SR study.
Fr-P33 E. Loyer Study of a tricritical point in the pyrochlore heisenberg antiferromagnet.
Fr-P34 T. Mori Dynamical properties of a novel 2D rare-earth boron-cluster spin glass system.
Fr-P35 S. Nakatsuji New pyrochlore oxides : R2Nb2O7 (R=Tb, Dy, Yb).
Fr-P36 N. Perkins Electronic states and magnetic excitations in Li2V2O4.
Fr-P37 T. Sakai Anomalous magnetization process in frustrated spin ladders.
Fr-P38 W. Schnelle Calorimetric study on the pyrochlore compounds Gd2Mo2O7 and Sm2Mo2O7.
Fr-P39 P. Sindzingre 1-dimensional behavior and sliding luttinger liquid phase in a frustrated spin-1/2 crossed chain model : contribution of exact diagonalizations.
Fr-P40 V. G. Sushkova Fluctuation-dissipation theorem in quantum spin glass.
Fr-P41 A. Yaouanc Magnetic phase transition and entropy in geometrically frustrated materials.
Fr-P42 Y. Z. Zhang Quantum phase transitions in the quarter-filled frustrated checkerboard lattice.
Fr-P43 G. Martinez Single-hole dynamics in frustrated quantum antiferromagnets.
Fr-P44 C. Weber Ising transition driven by frustration in a 2D classical model with SU(2) symmetry.
Fr-P45 K. Fujiwara Li NMR in LiV2O4 under high pressure.