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Submission of Abstract

Abstrct submission to HFM2006 has been closed. We thank many applicants for their submissions.

 The deadline for the submission of abstracts for the Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2006 Conference (HFM2006) has been extended from the original 31th March to 7th April, 2006.

   The abstract should be written in English. The size of abstract is half page of A4 paper. The top, left and right margins are 2.5 cm. The space for the abstract itself is 16 cm width and 11 cm height. Times, Times Roman or Times New Roman font are preferable. The title should be written in 14 points bold and aligned center. The names of authors and the addresses should be written in 12 points and aligned center. The name of author who will give the presentation should be underlined. The body of abstract should be written in 12 points. Indicate the references by the Arabic numbers in square brackets [1], if necessary. Figures and tables should not be included.

   Please indicate the following information in the lower half page below the abstract.

(1) Name of author for correspondence
(2) E-mail address
(3) Affiliation and its address
(4) Telephone number
(5) Fax number
(6) Category No. ( Choose one from both A and B. ) :

A: (A1) Experimental

(A2) Theoretical

(A3) Numerical

(A4) Others

B: (B1) Frustrated classical spin systems

(B2) Frustrated quantum spin systems

(B3) Frustration effects on correlated metals and superconductors

(B4) Frustration effects on couplings to lattice, orbital and charge

(B5) Spin glasses, random magnets

(B6) Others
(7) Keywords ( within 5 )
(8) If you prefer the poster presentation, please indicate it.

   The abstract and the information should be converted to a pdf file made by TeX or MS-Word. Please use the downloadable templates on the conference web site. Please send the abstract (pdf file) to abst@hfm06.mbox.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp as the attachment of an e-mail.

   The deadline for receipt of abstract is 31 March 7 April 2006.  Confirmation of receipt of the abstract will be e-mailed to the author for correspondence. All abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of experts. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be mailed by 15 May. One presentation is allowed for one registered person. A book of abstracts will be distributed at the conference.