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HFM2006 -Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2006, Osaka, Japan-

HFM2006 has been closed successfully.
Thank you for your attendance.

Message from chairperson Prof. Kawamura.

HFM2006 Conference
Conference photo 2006. 8. 17.

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Closing talk by chairman Prof. Kawamura on 8/19 afternoon.
Plenary talk by Prof. Gaulin on 8/19 morning session.
Banquet on 8/18 evening.
"Kagami Hiraki" ceremony at Banquet on 8/18 evening.
Plenary talk by Prof. Mendels on 8/18 morning session.
Plenary talk by Prof. Mila on 8/17 morning session.
Plenary talk by Prof. Takagi on 8/16 morning session.
Opening talk by Prof. Kawamura on 8/16 morning.
Welcome reception on 8/15 evening.

Conference Objectives
   Following the first Highly Frustrated Magnetism in Waterloo, Canada, in June 2000 (HFM2000) and the second one in Grenoble, France, in June 2003(HFM2003), we announce here the third one (HFM2006), which will take place in Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, from the 15th to the 19th of August 2006. The conference will be held as a satellite of the International Conference on Magnetism (ICM17), which will be held during Aug. 20th - 25th in Kyoto, Japan.

   We are expecting to welcome around 100-150 participants, working in all areas of frustrated magnetism, with invited and contributed talks and poster sessions. The topics of the conference include:
  • Quantum frustrated magnetism and spin liquids.
  • Novel ordering of geometrically frustrated magnets.
  • Itinerant frustrated systems and novel superconductivity.
  • Spin glasses and random magnets.
  • Frustration effect on the coupling to lattice, orbital and charge degrees of freedom.
  • Exotic phenomena induced by macroscopic degeneracy.
  • Field effect on frustrated magnetism.
   Osaka is conveniently connected to the two airports, Kansai and Itami, by limousine bus and/or monorail. It is also accessible from Tokyo by bullet train (Shinkansen) or by plane. Kyoto is located about 50km northeast of Osaka, and is easily accessible from Osaka by train. The HFM conference site is "Icho Kaikan" on the Suita campus of Osaka University. The conference will begin with the registration and welcome in the evening of August 15. The scientific session will begin in the morning of August 16 and end in the afternoon of August 19.

   The conference proceedings will be published in Journal of Physics:
Condensed Matter.

Organizing Committee

H. Kawamura (Osaka, chairman)
H. Ohta (Kobe, secretary) S. Maegawa (Kyoto, program)
Z. Hiroi (Tokyo, publication)
H. Tsunetsugu (Kyoto, program & publication)
T. Taniguchi (Osaka, local) S. Okubo (Kobe, homepage)

International Advisory Committee

Y. Ajiro (Japan) S. Bramwell (Great Britain)
C. Broholm (United States) I. Campbell (France)
B. Gaulin (Canada) M. Gingras (Canada)
A. Harrison (Great Britain) R. Kremer (Germany)
C. Lacroix (France) F. Mila (Switzerland)
A. Ramirez (United States) K. Ueda (Japan)


· Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas "Invention of Anormalous Quantum Materials -New Physics through Innovative Materials-" provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan
· Inoue Foundation for Science
· The Ogasawara Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Engineering