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Balents, L.      (UC Santa Barbara)

Quantum and classical degeneracy breaking in frustrated magnets

Cheong, S.W.      (Rutgers)

Overview of Multiferroics (cancel)

Gaulin, B.D.      (McMaster)

Neutron Scattering Studies of Frustrated and Satisfied Ground States in Pyrochlore Magnets

Henley, C.L.      (Cornell)

Effective Hamiltonians for large-S pyrochlore antiferromagnet

Hiroi, Z.      (ISSP, Tokyo)

Superconductivity and a Rattling Phase Transition in -Pyrochlore KOs2O6

Honecker, A.      (Gottingen)

Groundstates and thermodynamics of a highly frustrated spin model

Kenzelmann, M.      (ETH Zurich)

Magnetic inversion symmetry breaking in multiferroic transition metal oxides

Keren, A.      (Haifa)

A quest for frustration driven distortion in the pyrochlore system Y2Mo2O7

Khomskii, D.      (Koeln)

Orbitally-driven superstructures in spinels and other correlated oxides

Lee, S.H.      (U. Virginia)

Frustration in magnetic spinels

Lemmens, P.      (TU Braunschweig)

Inelastic light scattering as a probe for local lattice distortions in giant magnetocapacitive and frustrated spinels

Maegawa, S.      (Kyoto)

Spin Dynamics in Classical and Quantum Kagome Lattice Magnets Studied by NMR

Matsuhira, K.      (KIT, Kyusyu)

Observation of a Novel Phase Transition Induced by a Magnetic Field in the Pyrochlore Spin Ice Compound

Melko, R.G.      (Oak Ridge)

Simulations of Quantum Spin Models on 2D Frustrated Lattices

Mendels, P.      (Orsay)

Spin dynamics in HFM: from edge- to corner- sharing geometries

Mila, F.      (Lausanne)

From orbital degneracy to RVB spin liquids

Mirebeau, I.      (Saclay)

R2Mo2O7 under pressure, studied by neutrons and μSR.

Misguich, G.      (Saclay)

Exact diagonalization study of frustrated quantum antiferromagnets

Nakatsuji, S.      (Kyoto)

Spin Disordered States of the Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet NiGa2S4 and the Pyrochlore Kondo Lattice Pr2Ir2O7

Ogata, M.      (Tokyo)

Superconductivity on a Triangular Lattice: Theories and Experiments in NaxCoO2 · yH2O

Penc, K.      (Budapest)

Magnetization Plateau Stabilized by Structural Distortion in the Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Model on a Pyrochlore Lattice

Takagi, H.      (Tokyo)

Spin and Charge Frustration in Spinel Oxides

Taniguchi, T.      (Osaka)

Chiral susceptibility of canonical spin glasses from Hall effect measurements