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Tuesday, 15 August

Welcome Reception

Wednesday, 16 August

Session 16A Chairperson : J. Akimitsu
Opening H. Kawamura
Plenary @ H. Takagi
Invite S. -H. Lee
Invite K. Penc
Oral O. Tchernyshyov

Session 16Pa Chairperson : R.Kremer
Invite A. Keren
Invite P. Lemmens
Oral J. E. Greedan

Session 16Pb Chairperson : C. Lacroix
Invite Z. Hiroi
Invite M. Ogata
Oral D. Poilblanc
Oral T. Tohyama


Thursday, 17 August

Session 17A Chairperson : K. Ueda
Plenary E. Mila
Invite D. I. Khomskii
Oral T. Katsufuji

Session 17Ab Chairperson : M. Gingras
Invite K. Matsuhira
Oral B. Ueland
Oral B. Canals
Oral H. Kawamura

Session 17Pa Chairperson : S. Miyashita
Invite T. Taniguchi
Oral K. Hukushima
Oral M. Weigel
Oral H. G. Katzgraber

Session 17Pb Chairperson : W. Brenig
Oral M. Schechter
Invite L. Balents
Invite C. L. Henley

Conference Photos

Friday, 18 August

Session 18Aa Chairperson : L. Levy
Plenary P. Mendels
Invite S. Maegawa
Oral H. Mutka

Session 18Ab Chairperson : K. Kakurai
Invite M. Kenzelmann
Oral J. van Duijn
Oral T. Yavors'kii
Oral M. E. Zhitomirsky

Session 18Pa Chairperson : J. Greedan
Invite S. Nakatsuji
Oral H. Tsunetsugu
Oral J. R. Stewart
Oral H. Nakamura

Session 18Pb Chairperson : O. Tchernyshyov
Oral A. Oyamada
Oral M. Tamura
Oral V. Simonet
Special M. Mekata "Kagome story.pdf (1.7MB)"

Banquet (Kagamihiraki)
Banquet (All Photos) p.1 | p.2 | p.3 | p.4 | p.5 | p.6 | p.7 |
Banquet photo slide show movie
QuickTime movie(353MB) (required later QuickTime)
MPEG-1 movie(91.5MB) (low quality)


Saturday, 19 August

Session 19Aa Chairperson : J. S. Gardner
Plenary B. D. Gaulin
Invite I. Mirebeau
Oral S. S. Sosin

Session 19Ab Chairperson : Y. Ajiro
Invite G. Misguich
Invite A. Honecker
Oral C. Lacroix
Oral V. P. Plakhty

Session 19Pa Chairperson : F. Mila
Invite R. G. Melko
Oral P. Thalmeier
Oral M. G. Banks
Oral W. Brenig

Summary M. Gingras
Closing H. Kawamura
R. Kremer

Conference Venue