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Program of Oral Presentations

Wednesday, 16 August 

Session 16A                  Chairperson  J. Akimitsu

10:00 ~ 10:20                    Opening

10:20 ~ 11:00  16A-1         Spin and Charge Frustration                       H. Takagi

 Plenary                            in Spinel Oxides

11:00 ~ 11:30  16A-2         Frustration in Magnetic spinels                   S. –H. Lee


11:30 ~ 12:00  16A-3         Magnetization Plateau Stabilized by            Y. Motome,  K. Penc,

 Invited                             Structural Distortion in the Antiferro-          N. Shannon  and  H. Shiba

                                        Magnetic Heisenberg Model on a

                                        Pyrochlore Lattice

12:00 ~ 12:20  16A-4         The Ground State of the Antiferro-             G. –W. Chern 

                                        magnetic spinel CdCr2O4                           and  O. Tchernyshyov

Session 16Pa                  Chairperson  R. Kremer

15:30 ~ 16:00  16Pa-1        A Quest for Frustration Driven                   A. Keren, O. Ofer  and  J. Gardner

 Invited                             Distortion in the Pyrochlore System           


16:00 ~ 16:30  16Pa-2        Inelastic Light Scattering as a Probe           P. Lemmens,  P. Scheib,

 Invited                             for Local Lattice Distortions in Giant          V. Gnezdilov,  Y.G. Pashkevich,

                                        Magnetocapacitive and Frustrated              K. –Y. Choi,  J. Hemberger,

                                        Spinels                                                      A. Loidl  and  V. Tsurkan

16:30 ~ 16:50  16Pa-3        Quantum Spins on Frustrated                     J. E. Greedan,  C. R. Wiebe,

                                        Lattices. Ordered Perovskite and               T. Aharen,  T. Imai,  T. Katsumata

                                        Rock Salt Structure Materials.                    S. Derakhshan,  L. Cranswick,

                                                                                                        G. Luke, D. Chiche and M. Bieringer

Session 16Pb                  Chairperson  C. Lacroix

17:10 ~ 17:40  16Pb-1       Superconductivity and a Rattling                 Z. Hiroi

 Invited                            Phase Transition in β-Pyrochlore


17:40 ~ 18:10  16Pb-2       Superconductivity on a Triangular               M. Ogata

 Invited                            Lattice: Theories and Experiments

                                        In NaxCoO2·yH2O

18:10 ~ 18:30  16Pb-3       Exotic Phenomena in Doped Quantum        D. Poiblanc

                                        Disordered Magnets

18:30 ~ 18:50  16Pb-4       Effect of Frustration on Optical                  T. Tohyama

                                        Conductivity in Two-Dimensional

                                        Triangular Hubbard Model near Half


Thursday,17 August

Session 17A                  Chairperson  K. Ueda

9:00 ~ 9:40    17Aa-1         From Orbital Degeneracy to RVB              F. Mila

 Plenary                            Spin Liquids                                             

9:40 ~ 10:10   17Aa-2        Orbitally-driven Superstructures in              D. I. Khomskii

 Invited                             Spinels and Other Correlated Oxides

10:10 ~ 10:30  17Aa-3       Heptamer Formation in the charge-             T. Katsufuji, Y. Horibe, M. Shingu

                                        ordered State of Spinel AlV2O4                  K. Kurushima, H. Ishibashi,

                                                                                                        K. Kato, N. Ikeda, Y. Motome,                                                                  N. Ikeda and N. Furukawa


Session 17Ab                  Chairperson M. Gingras

10:50 ~ 11:20  17Ab-1       Obsevation of a Novel Phase Tran-            K. Matsuhira, H. Sato, T. Tayama

 Invited                             sition Induced by a Magnetic Field              Z. Hiroi, S. Takagi and T. Sakakibara

                                        in the Pyrochlore Spin Ice Compound        

11:20 ~ 11:40  17Ab-2       Artificial and Stuffed Spin Ice                     P. Schiffer, R. F. Wang, C. Nisoli,

                                                                                                        R. Freitas, J.Li, W. McConville,

                                                                                                        B. J. Cooley, M.S. Lund, N. Samarth

                                                                                                        C. Leighton, V.H. Crespi, B. Ueland

                                                                                                        G. Lau and R. Cava

11:40 ~ 12:00  17Ab-3        Role of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya                   B. Canals, M. Elhajal and C. Lacroix

                                        Interaction in Pyrochlore                          


12:00 ~ 12:20  17Ab-4       Novel Ordering of the Pyrochlore                D. Tsuneishi, M. Ioki

                                        Heisenberg Antiferromagnet with               and H. Kawamura

                                        the Next-nearest-neighbor Interaction


Session 17Pa                  Chairperson S. Miyashita

15:30 ~ 16:00  17Pa-1        Chiral Susceptibility of Canonical                T. Taniguchi

 Invited                             Spin Glasses from Hall Effect


16:00 ~ 16:20  17Pa-2        Anisotropy Effect on the Ordering              K. Hukushima and H. Kawamura

                                        of the Heisenberg Spin Glass in

                                        Three Dimensions

16:20 ~ 16:40  17Pa-3        Ground States and Defect Energies of        M. Weigel and M.J.P. Gingras

                                        the Two-dimensional XY Spin Glass

                                        from a Quasi-exact Algorithm

16:40 ~ 17:00  17Pa-4        Do Spin Glasses Order in a Field                H.G. Katzgraber and A.P.Young


Session 17Pb                  Chairperson W. Brenig

17:20 ~ 17:40  17Pb-1         Quantum Ising Spin Glass and the              M. Schechter, P. Stamp

                                        Dipolar Interaction                                     and N. Laflorencie

17:40 ~ 18:10  17Pb-2        Quantum and Classical Degeneracy            L. Balents

 Invited                             Breaking in Frustrated Magnets

18:10 ~ 18:40  17Pb-3        Effective Hamiltonian for Large-S              U. Hiz and C. L. Henley

 Invited                             Pyrochlore Antiferromagnet

Friday, 18 August

Session 18Aa                  Chairperson L.Levy

9:00 ~ 9:40    18Aa-1        Spin Dynamics in HFM: from Edge-             P. Mendels, A. Olariu, F. Bert

 Plenary                            to Corner- Sharing Geometries                   and D. Bono

9:40 ~ 10:10   18Aa-2        Spin dynamics in Classical and                    S. Maegawa, R. Kaji, T. Itou,

 Invited                             Quantum Kagome Lattice Magnets            A. Oyamada, M. Nishiyama,

                                        Studied by NMR                                       K. Fujita and R. Yamaguchi

10:10 ~ 10:30  18Aa-3       Low Temperature Relaxation in                  H. Mutka, C. Payen, D. Bono,

                                        Kagome Bilayer Antiferromagnets              G. Ehlers, P. Fouquet, M. R. Johnson

                                                                                                        P. Mendels, J. Y. Mevellec

                                                                                                        and J. R. Stewart


Session 18Ab                  Chairperson K. Kakurai

10:50 ~ 11:20  18Ab-1       Magnetic Inversion Symmetry                    M. Kenzelmann

 Invited                             Breaking in Multiferroic Transition

                                        Metal Oxides

11:20 ~ 11:40  18Ab-2       Evidence of a Strong Coupling                     J. van Duijn, N. Hur, S. –W. Cheong

                                        Transition in the Frustrated Pyrochlore        and C. Broholm

                                        System Y2Ru2O7                                      

11:40 ~ 12:00  18Ab-3       Frustrated Dipoles in the Gd3Ga5O12           T. Yavorsfkii, M. Enjalran

                                        Garnet Antiferromagnet                             and J. P. Gingras

12:00 ~ 12:20  18Ab-4       High Field Properties of Quantum               M. E. Zhitomirsky

                                        Geometrically Frustrated Magnets              and H. Tsunetsugu


Session 18Pa                  Chairperson  J. Greedan

13:50 ~ 14:20  18Pa-1        Spin Disordered States of the Tri-               S. Nakatsuji, Y. Machida, Y. Nambu

 Invited                             angular Lattice Antiferromagnet                 K. Onuma, Y. Maeno, T. Tayama

                                        NiGa2S4 and the Pyrochlore Kondo            T. Sakakibara, S. Jonas, C. Stock,

                                        Lattice Pr2Ir2O7                                        J.van Duijn and C. Broholm

14:20 ~ 14:40  18Pa-2        Spin Nematics State in Triangular               H. Tsunetsugu and M. Arikawa


14:40 ~ 15:00  18Pa-3        The Magnetic Structure of β-MnRn            J. R. Stewart and A.S. Wills,

                                                                                                        C. J. Leavey, B.D. Rainford

15:00 ~ 15:20  18Pa-4       Effects of Geometry in Itinerant                  H. Nakamura, Y. Muro, T. Kohara

                                        Electron Magnets                                      and M. Shiga


Session 18Pb                  Chairperson  O. Tchernyshyov

15:40 ~ 16:00  18Pb-1        NMR Studies of the Partial Dis-                 A. Oyamada, M. Kondo,

                                        ordered State in a Triangular                      K. Fukuoka, T. Itou, S. Maegawa,

                                        Antiferromagnet UNi4B                             D.X. Li and Y. Haga

16:00 ~ 16:20  18Pb-2        Magnetism of Quantum Triangular              M. Tamura, Y. Ishii and R. Kato

                                        Antiferromagnets [Pd(dmit)2] Salts            

                                        under Pressure

16:20 ~ 16:40  18Pb-3        Spin-Liquid Dynamical Correlations             J. Robert, V. Simonet, B. Canals,

                                        in Kagome Nd-langasite                             R. Ballou, P. Bordet, P. Lejay

                                                                                                        and A. Stunault

16:40 ~ 17:00  18Pb-4        The Kagome Story                                    M. Mekata


Saturday, 19 August

Session 19Aa                  Chairperson  J. S. Gardner

9:00 ~ 9:40    19Aa-1         Neutron Scattering Studies of                     B. D. Gaulin

 Plenary                            Frustrated and Satisfied Ground

                                        States in Pyrochlore Magnets

9:40 ~ 10:10   19Aa-2        R2Mo2O7 under Pressure, Studied              I. Mirebeau, A. Apetrei,

 Invited                             by Neutrons and μSR                                 I. Goncharenko, D. Andreica,

                                                                                                         P. Bonville and A. Amato

10:10 ~ 10:30  19Aa-3        Magnetic Resonance of a Heisenberg         S.S. Sosin, L.A. Prozorova,

                                        Pyrochlore above Ordering                         A.I. Smirnov, O.A. Petrenko

                                                                                                         and G. Balakrishnan


Session 19Ab                  Chairperson  Y. Ajiro

10:50 ~ 11:20  19Ab-1         Exact Diagonalization Study of                   G. Misguich

 Invited                              Frustrated Quantum Antiferromagnets

11:20 ~ 11:50  19Ab-2        Groundstates and Thermodynamics of         A. Honecker, D.C. Cabra,

 Invited                              a Highly Frustrated Spin Model                   H. –U. Everts, P. Pujol

                                                                                                          and F. Stauffer

11:50 ~ 12:10  19Ab-3        Anomalous Hall Effect due to Spin              M. Taillefumier, B. Canals,

                                        Chirality in a Kagome System                      C. Lacroix, V. K. Dugaev

                                                                                                         and P. Bruno

12:10 ~ 12:30  19Ab-4        First vs Second-order Phase Transition        V.P. Plakhty, J. Wosnitza,

                                         in Ho According to the Chiral Critical          T. P. Papageorgiou, O. Smirnov,

                                         Exponents and Specific-Heat Data              T. Bruckel, W. Schweika

                                                                                                          and J. Kulda


Session 19P                  Chairperson  K. Kubo

13:50 ~ 14:20  19P-1          Simulations of Quantum Spin Models            R. G. Melko

 Invited                             on 2D Frustrated Lattices

14:20 ~ 14:40  19P-2          The Frustrated J1-J2 Model in High               B. Schmidt, N. Shannon

                                        Magnetic Fields                                           and P. Thalmeier

14:40 ~ 15:00  19P-3          Observation of Two Low Temperature         M. G. Banks, R. K. Kremer,

                                        Peaks in the Specific Heat and Possible         A. Honecker and F. Heidrich-Meisner

                                        Middle Field Cusp Singularity in the           

                                        S = 1/2 Chain System LiCuVO4

15:00 ~ 15:20  19P-4          Inelastic Light Scattering from the                W. Brenig, G. Martins

                                        Fully Frustrated Bow-Tie Ladder                  and F. P. A. Anderson


15:20 ~ 15:40                     Conference Summary                                  M. Gingras

15:40 ~ 15:50                     Closing