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Program of Poster Presentations

Wednesday, 16 August, 13:30 ~ 15:30

Session PS16



Substitution effect on the two-dimensional triangular-lattice system CuCrS2

N. Tsujii and H. Kitazawa



Excitations in the Kagomé Staircase Compound Co3V2O8


N. R. Wilson, O. A. Petrenko,

G. Balakrishnan, P. Manuel, L. C. Chapon, B. Fåk and J. M. Mignot



Muon Spin Relaxation in Geometrically Frustrated Pyrochlores


S. R. Dunsiger



Neutron Scattering Studies of the Random Field Domain State in CsCo0.83Mg0.17Br3


J.-P. Castellan, B.D. Gaulin, J. van Duijn, and W.J.L. Buyers



Classical Antiferromagnets on the Pyrochlore Lattice


D. Hirashima and T. Nakamura



High Frequency ESR Measurements of Co Spinel Compound SiCo2O4


W.-m. Zhang, S. Okubo, H. Ohta, T. Saito and M. Takano



Single crystal neutron diffraction study of the magnetisation process in Ca3Co2O6


M.R. Lees, O.A. Petrenko, J. Wooldridge, P. Manuel and V. Hardy



Evidence of the kagome ice state in the dipolar spin ice material
Dy2Ti2O7: neutron scattering study


Y. Tabata, H. Kadowaki, K. Matsuhira, Z. Hiroi, N. Aso and B. Fåk



Geometric Frustration Effect on Magnetic Property of 2-dimenional Orthogonal Dimmer Systems, RB4 (R=Tb, Er, Tm and Lu)


F. Iga, S. Michimura, A. Shigekawa, M. Sera, K. Ohoyama, S. Yoshii,

T. Yamamoto, M. Hagiwara, K. Kindo

and T. Takabatake



First-principles determination of exchange interactions in frustrated Cu delafossites


O. Lebacq, A. Pasturel, R. Ballou, C. Lacroix, and M. D. Núñez-Regueiro



Anisotropic magnetic phase diagrams in triangular-lattice antiferromagnets Gd1-xLaxPd2Al3


H. Kitazawa, N. Tsujii, O. Suzuki, M. Imai and A. Dönni



Field-Angle Dependence of the Ice-Rule Breaking Spin-Flip Transition in Dy2Ti2O7


H. Sato, K. Matsuhira, T. Sakakibara,

T. Tayama, Z. Hiroi and S. Takagi



Determination of single-ion anisotropy in the geometrically frustrated spin-chain compound Ca3Co2O6


V. Hardy, D. Flahaut, R. Frésard

and A. Maignan



Numerical Identification of Topological Order in a Quantum Dimer Model


S. Furukawa, G. Misguich

and M. Oshikawa



High frequency ESR study on S=1/2 Kagome lattice substance Cu-titmb


S. Okubo, W.-m. Zhang, H. Ohta, R. Kaji and S. Maegawa



Chirality correlations in a spin ladder with four-spin ring exchange under a magnetic field


T. Hikihara



New Fe3RE cluster compounds with frustrated magnetic ground state.


G. Filoti, J. Bartolomé, V. Mereacre,

V. Kuncser, R. Clérac, C. Rillo, A. Powell, G. Schinteie, Ana Arauzo and C. Turta



Hierarchical geometric frustration in La3Cu2VO9


J. Robert, B. Canals, V. Simonet, R. Ballou, C. Darie, P. Bordet and H. Rakoto



Frustrated S = 1/2 square lattice systems in complex Vanadium oxides


E.E. Kaul, N. Kini, R. Shpanchenko,

K. Penc, N. Shanon and C. Geibel



Fermionic formulation for the Hopfield Ising spin-glass in a transverse field


S. G. Magalhaes, F. M. Zimmer,

C. J. Kipper and P. R. Krebs



Fermionic Ising spin glass in a transverse field: Replica Symmetry Breaking solution


F. M. Zimmer and S. G. Magalhaes



A large-N study of a pyrocholre antiferromagnet in an external magnetic field


Y.-J. Kao, J.-S. Bernier and Y. B. Kim



Helimagnetism and Weak Ferromagnetism in Na(Li)Cu2O2 and other strongly frustrated edgeshared CuO2 chain cuprate compounds


S.-L. Drechsler, J. Richter, J. Malek,

R. Kuzian, A.S. Moskvin, A.A. Gippius,
W. Schnelle and H. Rosner



The Bilinear-Biquadratic S = 1 model on the Triangular Lattice


A. Läuchli, K. Penc and F. Mila



Spin Gap in the S=1/2 Kagomé Lattice Material Volborthite


G. J. Nilsen, F. C. Coomer, J. R. Stewart,

J. Taylor, H. M. Rønnow, B. Fåk, J. S. Gardner, G. Ehlers and A. Harrison



KTi(SO4)2·H2O­A New Zigzag Chain Material


G. J. Nilsen, K. V. Kamenev

and A. Harrison



Magnetic Properties of the Frustrated Two-Dimensional Square-Lattice Antiferromagnet (CuCl1–xBrx)LaNb2O7


N. Oba, J. Yasuda, Y. Tsujimoto,

H. Kageyama, Y. Ajiro, K. Yoshimura,
M. Azuma, T. Saito, K. Kindo

and Y. Narumi



Synthesis and magnetism on S = 1/2 kagomé antiferromagnet
Cs2Cu3MF12 (M = Hf, Zr)


Y. Yamabe, T. Suto, T. Ono and H. Tanaka



Single Crystal Study of S = 1 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet NiGa2S4 on a 2D Triangular Lattice


K. Onuma, Y. Nambu, S. Nakatsuji,

O. Sakai, H. Tonomura and Y. Maeno



Magnetization Measurements of Frustrated 3He monolayer Film in Gapless Spin Liquid Phase


A. Yamaguchi, H. Nema, Y. Tanaka

and H. Ishimoto



AC Susceptibility and Heat Capacity in a Spin-1/2 Copper Complex on the Kagomé



Y. Karaki, M. Ko, A. Yamaguchi,

H. Ishimoto, Z. Honda, K. Katsumata

and K. Yamada



Magnetization plateaux for distorted triangular antiferromagnet Cs2CuBr4


S. Miyahara, K. Ogino, M. Shimizu

and N. Furukawa



Field-induced chiral order in three-leg frustrated spin tube


M. Sato and T. Sakai



A New High Field Phase in SrCu2(BO3)2 observed by 11B NMR


S. Matsubara, M. Takigawa, M. Horvatic, C. Berthier and H. Kageyama



Magnetic excitations in LiCu2O2


T. Masuda, A. Zheludev, B. Roessli,

A. Bush, M. Markina and A. Vasiliev



Magnetic multipole orders in frustrated ferromagnets


T. Momoi, P. Sindzingre and N. Shannon



Field-Induced Incommensurate Order in Frustrated Spin Ladder


T. Sakai



Melting of Antiferromagnetic Ordering in Spinel Oxide CoAl2O4


T. Suzuki, H. Nagai, M. Nohara

and H. Takagi



Spin Liquid State in an Organic Spin-1/2 System on a Triangular Lattice, EtMe3Sb[Pd(dmit)2]2


T. Itou, A. Oyamada, S. Maegawa,

M. Tamura and R. Kato



Spin Liquid State in Na4Ir3O8


Y. Okamoto, M. Nohara and H. Takagi



Magnetic Ordering Process in Geometrically Frustrated Singlet Ground State System Cs3Cr2X9 (X=Cl and Br) probed by 133Cs NMR


Y. Inagaki, K. Kodama, M. Takigawa,

H. Mitamura, T. Goto, T. Asano

and Y. Ajiro



Magnetic correlations around the Mott transition in the Kagomé lattice Hubbard model


T. Ohashi, S. Suga, N. Kawakami

and H. Tsunetsugu



Effect of Interchain-Frustration in Quasi-One-Dimensional Conductors at Half Filling


M. Tsuchiizu, Y. Suzumura

and C. Bourbonnais



A µSR study of spin-relaxation in β-MnRu


C. J. Leavey, J. R. Stewart, A. D. Hillier and B. D. Rainford



Correlation Effects on Fermi Surface and Magnetism in the Triangular Lattice d-p Model for Layered Cobaltates


Y. Ōno, N. Watanabe and Y. Yamakawa



Novel ground states in frustrated itinerant electron systems


Y. Shimomura, S. Miyahara

and N. Furukawa



Metal-insulator transition and spin fluctuations in pyrochlore Y2-xBixRu2O7


M. Tachibana, H. Kawaji and T. Atake



Electronic State of NaxCoO2 Based on the Two Dimensional Triangular Lattice d-p Model


Y. Yamakawa and Y. Ono



Electron correlation effect of semi-conducting La2-xSrxCu1-yMyO4: impurity-induced antiferromagnetic ordering with M=Zn and Ni


Y. Itoh, I. Kato, T. Machi and N. Watanabe



Field-Induced Ferroelectric State in Frustrated Magnet CuFe1-xAlxO2


S. Kanetsuki, S. Mitsuda, T. Nakajima,

D. Anazawa, H. A. Katori and K. Prokes



Cation disorder induced spin-glass-like phase in substituted manganites


P. L. Paulose and K. R. Mavani



Multi-Step Magnetic Ordering in Frustrated MnSc2S4


M. MNucksch, A. Krimmel, A. Podlesnyak, S. Sheptyakov, A. Cervellino, V. Tsurkan, C. Ritter, M. M. Koza, H. Mutka, S. Horn and A. Loidl



Spin-charge-orbital structures and frustration in multiferroic RFe2O4


A. Nagano and S. Ishihara



Submillimeter and Millimeter Wave ESR Study of Manganese Spinel Compound LiMn2O4


S. Takano, T. Kaji, S. Okubo, H. Ohta,

M. Yoshida, S. Kimura, R. Dziembaj,
M. Molenda and C. Rudowicz



Random field O(N) spin model near 4 dimensions


Y. Sakamoto, H. Mukaida and C. Itoi



Critical behavior of the random-anisotropy model in the strong anisotropy limit


F. P. Toldin, A. Pelissetto and E. Vicari



Neutron Spin Echo Studies of Pyrochlore Antiferromagnets


J. S. Gardner



Spin and chirality orderings of the one dimensional Heisenberg spin glass with the long range power law interaction


A. Matusda, M. Nakamura 

and H. Kawamura



Ferromagnetic cluster glass behavior of geometrically frustrated SrFe3+ 3(PO4)3O


A. A. Belik, N. Tsujii, Q. Huang,

E. Takayama-Muromachi

and M. Takano



Anisotropy Dependence of Anomalous Hall Effect in Canonical Spin Glass Alloys


K. Yamanaka, T. Taniguchi

and T. Yamazaki



Step-wise responses in mesoscopic spin-glasses


H. Yoshino and T. Rizzo



Control of Ferroelectricity in Metastable State for RMnO3


K. Noda, M. Akaki, D. Akahoshi

and H. Kuwahara



Spin Dynamics in the Organic Quantum Magnet (Hpip)2CuBr4


B. Thielemann, C. Ruegg, H. M. Ronnow, D. F. McMorrow, J. Mesot, K. W. Kramer, D. Biner, H.-U. Gudel, J. Stahn, K. Habicht and M. Boehm