Highly Frustrated Magnetism - HFM-08

International Conference on covering all aspects of magnetism and electronic correlations with competing interactions:


Quantum frustrated magnetism and spin liquids.


Novel ordering of geometrically frustrated magnets.


Itinerant frustrated systems and novel superconductivity.


Spin glasses and random magnets.


Frustration effect on the coupling to lattice, orbital and charge degrees of freedom.


Exotic phenomena induced by macroscopic degeneracy.


News and announcements:

bullet Preregistration is open!
bulletContact email: hfm2008 at fkf.mpg.de
bulletFollowing the recommendation of the advisory comittee of the HFM-06 in Osaka, Japan the next international conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism will be held in Braunschweig, Germany in Summer 2008.
bulletThe conference will be held in the historical building of the Technical University just in the middle of Braunschweig with short distance to hotels and touristic highlights.
bullet Wellcome to Braunschweig: In 2007 Braunschweig is chosen as the "City of Science" due to the large number of renown scientific institutions. Accordingly, many activities are planned. In addition, Braunschweig and its local surrounding offer a large number of historical and cultural heritages, e.g. we plan a visit of the historic city/castle of Wolfenbüttel and the Herzog-August library (intro for those of you who speak Latin).


Details and Organization:

Advisory Board
L. Balents (Santa Barbara USA)
F. Becca (Trieste, Italy)
S. Bramwell (London, U.K.) R Fulde (Dresden Germany)
B. D. Gaulin (Hamilton, Canada)
J. E. Greedan (Hamilton, Canada)
A. Harrison (Grenoble, France)
Z. Hiroi (Tokyo, Japan)
H. Kawamura (Osaka, Japan)
A. Keren (Haifa, Israel)
C. Lacroix (Grenoble, France)
C. Lhuillier (Paris, France)
A. Loidl (Augsburg, Germany)
G. Misguich (Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
J. Richter (Magdeburg, Germany)
A. M. Oles (Krakow, Poland)
R. Schiffer (University Park, USA)
R. Stern (Tallinn, Estonia)
O. Tchernyshyov (Baltimore, USA)
M.-R. Valenti (Frankfurt, Germany)
G. Zwicknagl (Braunschweig, Germany)

R.K. Kremer, MPI-FKF (Stuttgart)
Local Organizing Committee
W. Brenig (Braunschweig)
I. Eremin (Dresden & Braunschweig)
P. Lemmens (Braunschweig)
F. J. Litterst (Braunschweig)

Program Committee
W. Brenig (Braunschweig, Germany)
C. Broholm (Baltimore, USA)
M. Gingras (Waterloo, Canada)
K. Ueda (Kashiwa, Japan)
P. Mendels (Orsay, France)
F. Mila (Lausanne, Switzerland)
R. Moessner (Oxford, U.K.)



How to reach Braunschweig:


Braunschweig main station is easily reachable form the main airports of Germany. We suggest to use Hannover (40min.), Berlin (1.20) or Frankfurt (3.00) airport. The numbers in brackets give the time by normal train service. From the main station there is a convenient tram and bus service to the center of the city.

Supporting Agencies:

European Science Foundation within the Network

Highly Frustrated Magnetism

and Max-Planck Institut (MPI-FKF), Stuttgart.


Diese Web-Seite stellt keine Meinungsäußerung der RWTH Aachen, der TU Braunschweig oder des MPI-FKF Stuttgart dar.

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