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Tutorial Day

The tutorial day will be held on the Sunday preceding the start of the conference HFM2014. It is a graduate focus workshop supported by the EPSRC NEtworkPlus on Emergence and Physics far from Equilibrium.

In order to attend the event, you need to register here (spaces are limited).

Frustration in many body systems denotes the inability to find states that simultaneously minimise all interaction energy terms. Contrary to conventional systems, frustrated systems do not order in a unique ground state at low temperatures. Whilst they remain disordered, they often develop non-trivial correlations that lead to new and unexpected properties.

The concepts of emergence and far from equilibrium phenomena play a major role in understanding the physics of frustrated systems. For instance, frustration introduced by disorder has been known to give rise to extraordinarily long time scales and glassiness, which have been and are currently the subject of significant research efforts world-wide. More recently, frustrated spin systems have been found to exhibit emergent gauge symmetries and excitations, leading to discovery of new phases known as spin liquids, often displaying topological order and fractionalisation.

This one-day workshop will present some of the key concepts and techniques relating to the study of emergence and far from equilibrium phenomena in frustrated magnetic systems. The level of the talks and discussions will be aimed at junior faculty, postdocs and graduate students (not necessarily from the specific area of research), with the aim to stimulate interdisciplinary discussions.

Confirmed speakers: C.Broholm (Johns Hopkins), B.Gaulin (McMaster), L.Heyderman (PSI), P.Holdsworth (ENS Lyon), E.Y.Vedmedenko (Hamburg), and X-G.Wen (Perimeter). Talks will start in the morning at 10:15 and coffee will be available beforehand from 9:30. The event will come to a close around 18:30.

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March 16, 2014
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April 7-8, 2014
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May 18, 2014
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July 2-3, 2014
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